The world-heritage-listed Daintree National Park and Great Barrier Reef in the Wet Tropics region of northern Queensland is a Paradise for birders

More than 430 species having been recorded, which is more than half the species found in the whole of Australia


This lovely video created by Alana and Greg Dare shows 89 of our local birds, many of which you will find on our own bird-list below:-



Daintree Valley Haven is at the top of a beautiful valley beyond Daintree Village and at the end of Stewart Creek Road.  With a mix of rainforest, open pastures and winding creek the Valley is a prime birding location visited by birders from all over the world.  Every season sees it's own special residents and visitors and every month offers unique birding.  

There is a range of river- and land-based birding guides in the Daintree and we are happy to give impartial advice - if required we can book for you (at no charge).

Click here for a full list of seasonal birds we have identified at Daintree Valley Haven.  

Happy birding!




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