Bits and bobs

Interesting posts about various events and sightings at Daintree Valley Haven

Home again

Home again after a wonderful, relaxing cruise round the South Pacific with our batteries fully re-charged - and computer in and out of 'hospital' as the power pack spat it's dummy when I turned it back on!   I'll be taking some new photos and uploading them soon, so watch this... read more...


There won't be much news for the next 3 weeks as next Monday we're off on our annual hols.  (Now's the quietest time of year when most of us in the tourism field in the far north have our breaks).  So a couple of nights in Sydney then a 14-day cruise on Dawn Princess around... read more...

Jam time!

I'm trying to make enough preserves for this year's breakfast baskets for our guests - having an op on my right hand in a couple of weeks so doing as many jobs as possible now!  The last of our this season's Mangoes, and Passionfruit from our neighbour's farm so have just made... read more...

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