Our bungalows

Updates and images of renovations and new features of the bungalows at Daintree Valley Haven

Renovations update 2

We're slowly 'getting there'.  Painting of Birdwing Bungalow almost finished - this is the one getting the new curtains which I've just made, so I'll be able to adjust and hang them before my right hand goes under the surgeon's knife(!) on Wednesday! read more...

Renovations update

All going well so far - new track lights and fans are in and the plumber's just finished installing the new vanities - lookin' good!  Tomorrow will pick up paint samples to do the interiors, also samples for new splashbacks, finally new mirrors will go up.  I'm close to... read more...


Our first news for the year, and we hope 2016 will be a happy one for everybody! Now that our quiet, officially rainy season (but enjoying days of beautiful sunshine and blue skies at the moment!) is here it's a good time for renovations.  Yesterday new ceiling fans and... read more...

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