Tropical fruits

Images and information about the many varieties of tropical fruit trees at Daintree Valley Haven

A bumper crop!

Wow, a bumper crop of delicious sweet, soft Mangoes this year after several disappointing seasons.  And guests are loving them on their breakfast platters! read more...

Malay Apples

As our winter approaches (officially starting on the 1st June) not many of Daintree Valley Haven's dozens of exotic tropical fruits are producing at the moment apart from these Malay Apples (syzygium malaccense).  The tree is native to Malaysia and Indonesia and... read more...

Bananas galore

We've had a 'banana drought' for some months now but suddenly new bunches are appearing everywhere.  We have little plots of banana plants all over the place - guess you could say they are organic as they have never been fertilised or sprayed.  They are called Ducasse and... read more...

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