Here are a few of the other residents of Daintree Valley Haven (scroll down for a well-known local non-resident!)



WALLABIES    Northern Swamp Wallaby on grass at Daintree Valley Haven

As you stroll around our walking trails you may see some of our little Northern Swamp Wallabies.  They're very shy and will often suddenly take off in front of you, bounding away into the rainforest.  You will also sometimes see them around your bungalow, or feeding on dropped fruits under our tropical fruit trees. 


FROGS   White-lipped Tree Frog on leaf next to hand

The first rains of the wet season bring on a wonderful 24-hour-a-day "frog symphony" around the dam, and if a giant White-lipped Tree Frog (which can grow up to 140mm) should announce it's presence from inside a drainpipe then earplugs may be required. 


BANDICOOTS     Long-nosed Bandicoot eating scraps

Dusk is usually when you will see these furry little creatures scurrying across the grass and next morning you'll see little holes where they've been digging for insects.  We have both the Long-nosed Bandicoot and it's larger, bulkier cousin the Northern Brown Bandicoot


TURTLES (and Platypus)  Saw-shelled turtle with baby turtle on its' back, sitting on log

Our wetlands-dam is home to a number of small Saw-shelled Turtles.  If there's an old branch sticking out of the water you will often see them sunning themselves on it, other times if you see a shape swimming around just under-water it will most likely be a Turtle, although there is always a very small chance it could be a Platypus.  Platypus are very shy and normally only seen at dawn or dusk - we do know there are a lot of them in our valley and they move around between creeks and dams.


POSSUMS, CASSOWARIES and other creatures     Black and White Daintree Striped Possum

The Daintree Striped Possum is endemic to the Daintree region and being nocturnal is quite rarely seen.  Also very occasionally seen here is an Echidna and on one memorable occasion we found a Cassowary outside our front door and gazing in at us!  There are reports of Tree Kangaroos in the valley as well although we have not been lucky enough, so far, to spot one.  Many small marsupials - Bettongs, small mice and rats, the biggest of which is the huge White-tailed Rat which has teeth strong enough to gnaw holes in our coconuts!  Our many tropical fruits often fall prey to Spectacled Flying Foxes which can strip a tree of fruit overnight.  


AND NOT FORGETTING OUR NEARBY NEIGHBOUR, THE MIGHTY ESTUARINE (SALT-WATER) CROCODILE!   Salt-water Crocodile sunning on river bank with mouth open

Join one of Daintree's expert wildlife guides for a memorable cruise on the Daintree River - only a 10-minute drive from Daintree Valley Haven - to safely spot these amazing prehistoric-looking creatures in their natural habitat, usually on the river banks where they come to warm up.  (But take care when walking anywhere where there is dark, or still, water - we like to keep all our visitors safe and in one piece!)



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