Things to do 'at home' or within a 20-90 minute drive from Daintree Valley Haven 

Go Birdwatching

Birdwatchers on boat on Daintree River A paradise for birders from dawn to dusk - listen to and look for beautiful tropical birds from the comfort of your verandah, or while wandering the walking trails and through the gardens or take a dawn cruise on the magnificent Daintree River with a world-renowned birding guide.





Try some exotic tropical fruits

People tasting tropical fruit in Daintree There are more than 20 varieties of exotic tropical fruits growing at Daintree Valley Haven and you are welcome to pick your own.  Mangoes, Lychees, Rambutans, Jakfruit, Soursop, Star Apples, 5-Corner Fruit, Lemonades, Limes, Mangosteens, Passionfruit, Malay Apples, Bush Lemons, and (not really a fruit) lots of Coconuts!





Relax in "The Shed"

Bubbling spa near barbeque in The Shed Head to The Shed to relax in the jacuzzi-spa - choose a book from the book exchange - wildlife library - play a board-game - cook your barbeque - catch up with friends and family with free Wi-Fi.





Take a rainforest walk

Pathway through the rainforest at Daintree Valley Haven There are easy walking or, if you are feeling energetic, jogging trails around Daintree Valley Haven.  Some take you through light rainforest, looking down into densely forested gulleys, through open grassland and past a magnificent Fig Tree.  You will often meet a little wallaby and at times the rainforest is alive with sounds of insects and birds.

Or head north over the Daintree River by ferry and as you drive you will find a number of rainforest boardwalks - head south to the rainforest walks in Mossman Gorge - or into our neighbouring valley for a short walk to a lovely waterfall and swimming hole (small fee). 


Play Darts

Dartboard in The Shed at  Daintree Valley Haven   Challenge your partner to a game of darts in The Shed.






Spot a Crocodile

Crocodile on Daintree River bank The nearby Daintree River is home to a healthy community of Estuarine, or Salt-water, Crocodiles.  You can see these fearsome prehistoric-looking creatures from the safety of a wildlife-watching cruise from either nearby Daintree Village or further downstream near the Daintree ferry - best chance to see them is at mid- to low tide when they bask on the exposed banks.  (Never walk next to rivers or creeks, especially dark-looking water!)




Cook a Barbeque

Barbeque with table, chairs and candle   Bring your own supplies or choose from a small menu of self-cook meals and cook up a feast in The  Shed. 






Visit the Great Barrier Reef

Underwater view of turtle and reef on Ocean Safari tour  Take an exhilarating half-day snorkelling tour to the Great Barrier Reef from Cape Tribulation, a beautiful one-hour drive to the north.  Or drive south, following the rainforest, Daintree River and stunning coastline to Port Douglas with it's full range of snorkelling and diving options.





Walk on a Beach

People walking on Newell Beach in the Daintree You will never find a crowded beach in the Daintree!  Often you will be the only people there to wander along miles of unspoilt clean sand, lapped by the gentle waters of the Coral Sea.  No surf or breakers here as the waters are protected by the Great Barrier Reef.  In summer it may sometimes not be safe to swim or paddle due to marine stingers - always take local advice!




Cool off in a safe swimming-hole

Mossman Gorge rocks, swimming hole and people swimming The shallow water at many of our beaches is not ideal for swimming, and at times there are dangerous stingers, but you can always take a dip in a cool fresh-water swimming hole like this one at Mossman Gorge.  While you should never swim in rivers and creeks, home to salf-water crocodiles, there are designated safe places where there is clear fresh water - follow the signs or ask the locals!





Search for a Cassowary

Southern Cassowary near car in Daintree rainforest, tourists with camera  Southern Cassowaries are active throughout the Daintree and although they are very occasionally seen or heard at Daintree Valley Haven they are most commonly spotted in the rainforest along the road from the Daintree Ferry north to Cape Tribulation.  They are amazing birds but they can be dangerous if provoked or are with their young!




Go fishing!

Fisherman with large mackerel on boat near Daintree River The nearby Daintree River which flows past Daintree Village offers wonderful fresh, estuarine and offshore fishing against a stunning backdrop of rainforest, mangroves and rolling green farmland. Bring your own boat and launch from the public boat ramp or take a sole or shared charter with a local expert.

The water is tidal right up to the Village so at various times one side of the river can be salt while the other side is fresh water – rainforest right down to the water on one bank and extensive mangroves, some found nowhere else on the planet, on the other. A leisurely 14 km cruise downstream brings you to the Coral Sea and offshore Snapper Island.

One of the most famous fish is the delicious Barramundi; other seasonal species include Mackerel, Mangrove Jacks, Golden Trevally, Jungle Perch, Sooty Grunter, Flathead, Bream, Estuary Cod and Queenfish. 

 You can even try your hand at catching a "barra" at a nearby Barramundi fish--farm.


Other activities:-

  • Photograph our stunning birds, butterflies, wildlife and plants
  • Craft galleries and restaurants

  • Day-spa and Massage

  • Scenic valley drives

  • 8wd Argo tours

  • Tropical golf-course

  • Wildlife sanctuaries

  • Take the Daintree River ferry and drive through the rainforest to Cape Tribulation

  • Rainforest boardwalks and Daintree Discovery Centre

  • Jungle canopy surfing

  • Horse-rides

  • Daintree tea plantation (see where your breakfast tea is grown!)

  • Tropical ice creams

  • Visit Port Douglas with it's restaurants, shops, beaches and Great Barrier Reef day-cruises


Please visit www.destinationdaintree.com for detailed information.