Every season in the Daintree region offers a different, unique experience


daintree weather information


The climate is truly tropical with the weather during the Dry Season, roughly May to October, offering warm days and cooler nights with low humidity. November to April is generally the Wet Season when the heavens frequently open, releasing torrential rain, and the days and nights are hotter.

There is truly nothing like the sight, sound and even the smell of a tropical downpour - the cascading rain thundering onto the roof, the fresh smell of wet rainforest and afterwards the myriad calls of frogs, insects and birds! It actually can be quite cool during a tropical storm, only becoming rather steamy when the sun comes out again - yes, there are plenty of sunny days throughout the Wet Season too!

The most popular season for visitors tends to be during the cooler Dry Season from about May until October although many people take advantage of the Wet Season months, between November and April, when the region is not as crowded, the weather is very often superb and everything is looking lush and green with all the creeks and waterfalls running to capacity.  Most tourism operators are open all year round but the quietest months around February and March are when many of us take our own annual holidays so you may find some businesses will be closed at that time.


This chart shows averages - every season can be different!


  Summer Autumn Winter Spring
  December January February March April May June July August September October November
Av Max Temp °C(°F) 32 (90) 32(90) 31 (87) 30 (86) 29 (84) 27 (80) 26(78) 25 (77) 26 (78) 28 (82) 30 (86) 31 (87)
Av Min Temp °C(°F) 25 (77) 25 (77) 25 (77) 25 (77) 24 (75) 23 (73) 21 (69) 19 (66) 18 (64) 21 (69) 23 (73) 24 (75)
Av Rainfall mm(in) 240 (9) 470 (18) 390 (15) 401 (15) 200 (8) 100 (4) 80 (3) 50 (2) 30 (1) 30 (1) 80 (3) 132(5)
  Warmer, rainy season Cooler, drier season


What to Wear

Throughout the tropics the emphasis is very much on casual wear and in the evenings “smart casual” is the accepted dress in restaurants, hotels and clubs. There is no need to bring suit, tie or cocktail dress unless you wish to.

November to April: Hot days and very warm nights typify the Wet Season so anything goes as long as it is cool - shorts, light-weight shirts, cool tops, perhaps some light slacks. You would not need a jacket in the very warm evenings. Raincoats are not necessary as you will find most people use and provide umbrellas and, if on a tour during wet weather many tour operators provide light ponchos.

May to October: May can still be fairly warm during the day but the nights are becoming cooler, and mainly in July and August a jacket may be needed in the evenings - in fact some winter nights can be quite cool and guests are often amazed that on cool mornings they very occasionally need the little heaters we provide in all our bungalows!  But the days throughout this cooler Dry Season are normally still pleasantly warm so again, light shirts, shorts and tops are still all you will really need, with something a little warmer for evenings.