Animals, Reptiles and Frogs

Recent sightings of animals, reptiles and frogs at Daintree Valley Haven - wallabies, bandicoots, snakes, frogs, toads, turtles

Swamp Wallabies

A few minutes ago I left the kitchen and almost walked straight into 'Mum' swamp wallaby and her baby! They simply looked at me and carried right on, Mum had a scratch and a nibble of grass and Junior poked his/her head out of her pouch and had a... read more...

The Platypus are back!

Great excitement for us today as guests in Sunbird Sanctuary spent about an hour on their verandah this morning watching a large Platypus in the dam!  There are many of them in the valley and they do move about but this is the first time in a few years that we've seen one... read more...

Cane Toads

Interesting developments in Australia's fight against the poisonous, very invasive cane toad.  It carries venomous glands on it's back and has killed an enormous amount of our wildlife.   But Nature is evolving - birds are learning how to flip them onto their backs and attack... read more...