July 2016

New Chairs

Guests love relaxing in our "Papasan" chairs but the old chairs are getting a bit past their use-by date.  We've been looking locally for new ones for ages and finally found these two in Cairns - the last of their stock so we'll order another one for the third... read more...

Where's winter?

We're now officially half way through winter - and STILL waiting for it to arrive!  A balmy 20 C again overnight last night, a few showers have cleared to a lovely day and a few minutes ago the late afternoon light looked so lovely looking towards The Shed.  read more...

The Platypus are back!

Great excitement for us today as guests in Sunbird Sanctuary spent about an hour on their verandah this morning watching a large Platypus in the dam!  There are many of them in the valley and they do move about but this is the first time in a few years that we've seen one... read more...

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