In case anyone's interested in trivia, and climate in particular. We have lived here in our beautiful Daintree for almost 23 years (can hardly believe it!). Every day Peter has recorded our daily rainfall - as you can see there have been some spectacular totals! The... read more...

Where's the rain?!

 After quite a moist January in the Daintree the rain has disappeared and we're going into a heatwave - and normally February is one of the wettest months of the year!  It really is a crazy country with devastating drought, followed by catastrophic bushfires way down... read more...

Beautiful rain!

What a night - incredible thunderstorm about 4 am and 150 mm (6 inchres) of rain in the gauge this morning, so with 40 mm the night before that makes almost 200 mm (8 inches) in 2 nights. Our dry dam is now half full and the frogs and cicadas are creating an... read more...

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