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We loved our stay here. The property is about 8kms South of Daintree Village which makes it very convenient for excursions to Mossman Gorge or Port Douglas. To get to Cape Tribulation or the parts of the forest North of the river you have to take the ferry for which we were very kindly provided with reduced rate tickets.
The road is mostly unsealed but graded and is perfectly passable in an ordinary car, there was no need for the 4 wheel drive which we had hired. Signposting was clear and we found the property on our first attempt.
We were given a very warm welcome and lots of good advice which we took to our profit. Then we were shown the Jacuzzi and BBQ facilities as well as the library and games, eccentrically housed in old fridges. Our cabin, Sunbird Sanctuary had a flowering shrub outside the deck and a view across the dam to the trees on the other side.
Our cabin was spotless and well equipped, large enough for the two of us, and we enjoyed the breakfasts provided by our hosts on the deck by the front door surprisingly untroubled by flies or mosquitoes. On two occasions a Cairns Birdwing butterfly came by and spent several minutes taking nectar from the bush by the deck and I was able to take many photos of this beautiful creature. The bed was comfortable and we slept well. We did not make much use of the kitchen - well, we were on holiday - but had good meals in Daintree Village in the pub there.
WiFi (in the shed) was adequate. We took a couple of walks round the property and were pleased to see more butterflies (they are my passion) and, on an evening stroll, a wallaby appeared.
We were delighted to have found this peaceful and beautiful place.
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