Image of Peter and Daphne Titus-Rees Peter and Daphne Titus-Rees (click for their interesting history) found their 30-acre Paradise in the Daintree Valley in 1997.  After 3 years of cleaning and vegetation management three bungalows were built in 2000 and Daintree Valley Haven was born.  

Now they enjoy an idyllic tropical lifestyle and love meeting interesting visitors from all over the world.  Always at home and available for a chat or local advice if needed, but always respecting the privacy of their guests.

Daphne has always been involved with local tourism bodies and has a wealth of local knowledge.  She project-managed and is now the Web Manager of www.destinationdaintree.com, the website for the Daintree Marketing Co-operative.  She enjoys working on the computer and also word games, her recent hobby has been compiling cryptic crosswords.    Aerial view of Daintree Valley Haven

Peter loves reading world history, is a member of the local Masonic Lodge and can sometimes be found on the golf course!

Peter and Daphne have always worked together and still enjoy doing so since their wedding in 1972!  Now they love caring for guests, cleaning and maintaining the bungalows ... and spending a lot of time on their ride-on mowers cutting the grass around the bungalows, the house and the extensive walking tracks.  Everything grows very fast in the tropics!




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